Make Money Blogging Online Strategies to Profit Heavily From Affiliate Programs – 3 Top Tips

One of the easiest make money blogging online strategies is affiliate marketing. If this is true, why is it that so many bloggers find it hard to make a good income from affiliate programs that they promote?

You either don’t know how to set up a blog for heavy affiliate profits or you are missing out a few key things that will help you turn your blog into an affiliate cash-generating machine.

Here are 3 strategies that will help you achieve heavy blog profits from affiliate programs:

1) Use Text Links And Link To A Particular Product
The truth is that you are only deluding yourself if you think that placing banner ads linking to the front page of the affiliate site you represent all over your blog will bring you high affiliate sales – thereby making you rich.

The fact is that text links work far better than banner ads. Why? The world is sick and tired of advertisements. More so, on the World Wide Web, people will rather click on a text link to a particular product than click on a banner advertisement linking to the same product. This is simply because online, people hate to be advertised to. That is something you should always bear in mind all the time.

The idea of using text links to promote your affiliate products has a lot do with contextual advertising, specifically AdSense. The reason why AdSense is highly effective is because the ads are written in text and linked to a particular page for more details. It is also because the ads that show up are highly related to the content where it is being placed. This is simply why AdSense has become one of the top make money blogging online strategies for many bloggers.

The same goes for affiliate programs. A banner ad to a general affiliate site page that you represent will not do much for you no matter how colorful the banner ad is. Instead, use multiple text affiliate links throughout your blog to link to affiliate products that are relevant to readers who are reading particular topics on your blog.

For instance if you have a review for a particular diamond jewelry product on your diamond jewelry blog, the most effective thing to do to make many sales is to place text links within and at the and of the review to a page where that particular jewelry is being sold.

2) Link To Other Affiliate Programs Without Making Your Blog Untidy
In the conventional business world, it is often said, “do not put all your eggs in one basket.” The same is true for the online blog affiliate marketing business model. Join as many affiliate programs as possible and link to them from your blog – but there is a word of caution though. Start out with one affiliate program and after you have established a ground with that affiliate program, you can join and link to other ones.

One other thing – you shouldn’t join too may affiliate programs thereby cluttering your blog with affiliate links. When your blog contains too many affiliate links, it makes it look untidy and the worst part of it is that you get to confuse your readers thereby drastically reducing your chances of making sales from your efforts.

3) Keep Watch Of Your Affiliate Program Results
As a rule, always keep watch of results that you get from affiliate programs you promote on your blog. At the very least, you will determine which product is selling and which product is not. The other advantage that comes with keeping watch of your affiliate program results is that you will be bale to determine which links are the most effective in bringing in sales for you.

Tracking your results will help you to improve in future affiliate endeavors. For example let us suppose that you are keeping track of a diamond jewelry affiliate program on your blog and you find that links at the top right hand side of your blog are making more sales than those at the top left hand side. When setting up a new blog for a similar diamond jewelry affiliate program, you will know from previous tracking results that you need to concentrate more of your effort on the top right hand side than the left. This will help to improve affiliate sales.

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